Torrents and “File Sharing” Can Suck Hard!

Are you tired of:

  • Slow Speeds

    Hate waiting for hours with torrents, or clicking on one “part file” to the next?

  • No Anonymity

    Copyright notices, lawsuits, surveillance take all the fun. Hundreds get sued each day – are you next?

  • Complicated To Use

    No torrent downloading without “anonymization services”, no downloading sites without having to close annoying ads.

  • Small Collection Of Stuff To Download

    Is the file you want “not available”, “deleted”, or just not there (for example, more “rare” content)?

Enough is Enough…

Download Movies, Music, Games, TV Shows, Anime With Maximum Speed… Completely Anonymously!

Watch This Video For A Live Demonstration

Hey, The Load Guru here!

I have been downloading stuff for over a decade, and know almost all methods. From Torrents (The Pirate Bay, Isohunt…), file sharing networks, forums and websites (think cyberlockers such as Megaupload, or whatever they call themselves today)…

… and even more exotic ones such as XDCC.

And they’re all cool and dandy, if you don’t mind spending a lot of time clicking on links, waiting for the download to end, and of course, living with the fear of “getting caught”.

Yes, you can get almost anything. But what about these all the problems?

Slow speeds, no anonymity, high risk of bogus “lawsuits” and “copyright notices” against you…

…all of this is annoying as hell!!!!!! But there is a way to get everything you need without it?

Luckily, THERE IS!

Here is how the Pros download: With Usenet!

Available since 1980, it allows you to download almost everything you can imagine with maximum speed, 100% anonymity, and of course, it is very easy to use (see the video above for a demonstration).

  • Maximum Speed

    As seen above, Usenet maxes out almost every connection on the planet, no matter how fast.

  • Full Anonymity

    No “peers”, no spying, no problems: Completely private. No one can see what you download.

  • Very Easy To Use

    It’s even easier than Torrents. Everyone can use it, even your grandma.

  • 1000 Terabytes Of Content

    From brand new movies to little-known classics: The largest file archive in the world is waiting for you.

There is absolutely no reason to use Torrents or “downloading sites” when a simpler, more elegant way to download fits your needs perfectly. The only catch: You have to pay a small fee every month to your Usenet provider, which they use to maintain their infrastructure and ensure you always get maximum speeds.

Plus, they also offer you a software with a build-in search engine to easily find what you’re looking for.

Try It Out Now For Free

So why not take a look at it? We teamed up with Newshosting, one of the best Usenet providers, to offer you a risk-free trial of 30 GB for 2 weeks. Click on the button below and start downloading with full speed now.

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