Former BitTorrent Fans Finally Admit: “Torrents Suck!”

Using torrents as your all-access pass to movies, games, music and much more? Have you ever experienced one of the following problems:

Horrible Downloading Speeds!

You don’t want that file in a few hours, tomorrow or in a week, but NOW. However, downloading speeds are crawling like some retiree on his wheeled walker, even though you pay top dollar for your lightning fast Internet connection.

The Quality Is Attrocious

Holy hell! So it took WAY to long to finally finish this torrent, and what did you get? Some blurry, low quality video file that isn’t enjoyable to watch at all. Or even worse: It turns out to be a fake file that wants you to download some shady software or to fill out a survey to “get the password”… damn!

You’re Afraid of Lawsuits or Already Got A Notice

And to top it all off, you have heard about all the people that got sued for downloading, or even already got a “copyright notice” by your ISP, asking you to immediately stop doing what you’re doing or you might get into deep trouble. Trust me: If that happened to you, consider yourself very lucky… others immediately got sued by Hollywood or other copyright holders, and had to pay several hundreds to a few thousand dollars, just for downloading one file.

Yes, they really do that.
No, you’re not anonymous on the torrent network at all, as EVERYONE can see your IP and therefore your identity online.
Yes, they will finally get you if you continue using torrents, no matter if you use it legally or illegally.

Enough! Our free email course will show you how to:

– Download at full speed from the very first second

– Always get the top-quality downloads you want, without any compromise

Way easier than torrents!

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