How To Cancel Your UseNeXT Trial

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Update October 2016: Several users have complained in the comments that they were unable to cancel their free trial with the guide offered here. Have you made similar experiences? We would love to hear them in the comments on the bottom of this page!

Want to quit UseNeXt?

Since UseNeXt is very expensive, it is a good idea to quit them. Other Usenet services offer a similar or even better client, and have much better plans.

We recommend Newshosting. You can cancel monthly, so no more 12-month plans, and their unlimited plan is only $9.99/month, or even $8.35 if you go for the 12-month plan.

Plus, you can pay by Paypal, no credit card needed.

If you signed up for a free trial on the UseNeXT website and don’t to be billed after the 14-days period is over, you have to cancel in time. Fortunately this is rather easy, using their website you just have to click a few buttons to either cancel or change to a different plan. First, you have to log into the members area using your username and password. Click on “My Account” on top of the site, and select “Cancel subscription”.

usenext cancel 1

Now, you’ll see a site, in which UseNeXt will try to convince you not to cancel but rather, ask for support or switch to a different package. In case this isn’t an option for you, scroll down to the bottom on the page and find the “Cancel” button:

usenext cancel 2After clicking it, you’ll have to do a final click on the final page, and you’re done:

usenext cancel 3

Voila! Your trial has been canceled, and you won’t be billed.

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  1. Your solution doesn’t work! There is no further option at the bottom of the page to cancel. UseNext is a complete scam which does not….
    a) call you back with the trial period,
    b) allows no options to cancel the trial on-line,
    c) immediately starts charging your credit card whether you use the service or not.

      1. It’s a bit late now, but if you used Paypal for the trial, go to Paypal’s website and cancel directly from there!

        1. Great advice. I went into Paypal and cancelled not only all previous transactions but blocked any further transactions.

          For the record I signed up for their free trial as a means of gaining points toward android content, only to find their ridiculously convoluted canceling scam. I probably could have jumped thru enough hoops to get the membership stopped, but the workaround is so much more satisfying. Community intelligence sticking it to cyber bullies.

          And in conclusion, I still got the Android points from signing up for their ‘free’ trial.

  2. UseNext is total money SCAM. They will automatically sign you up for one year subscription for $100. Beware of UseNext..

    Hard to cancel, not easy….. By the time you learn that they have charged you $100, it is to late….

  3. Everytime it allowed me to cancel, it sent me to another page asking again. On the 3rd page it said I have to call Germany to cancel over phone as of 0

  4. I couldnt get it canceled so i stoped my paypal where it would automaticly pay every year now i have a letter telling me i need to pay 115 € whats that all about i dont even use it can they make me pay?

  5. I had about 10 pages asking whether I really wanted to cancel. I get to the end then it says ‘OK if you want to cancel call this number… in MUNICH I live in UK it will cost be £100 just to call and cancel 😭

  6. I’m having same problem, live in U.K. but got to call Germany to cancel!! How do you get rid of damned thing? Total scam and rip off

  7. These guys are the biggest scam-artists ever. Signed up for a trial, sent them an email asking to cancel 9 days after starting the trial, now they are threatening me with legal action unless I pay. Today I received an email from a collection agency demanding the money for the service I never received nor subscribed for. Stay away from these scammers!!

  8. Signed up for this but cannot cancel. Go through all the steps to terminate the subscription but right tat he end it tells me I need it call them, it can’t be done on the website. Every number they provide is unrecognised or just doesn’t work.

    I’m panicking and am not sure what can be done. Is there any other way to cancel, my bank maybe?

    1. Post

      Gene, have you tried contacting UseNeXT by email or phone, under the address specified in the ToS?

      Right of cancelation

      You have the right to cancel this Agreement within fourteen days without stating reasons.The cancelation notice period is fourteen days from the date the Agreement is signed. In order to exercise your right of cancelation you must inform us

      Aviteo Ltd.,Kundensupport
      Josephspitalstraße 15
      D-80331 München
      Phone number: 089/20172017

      by making a clear statement (e.g. by a mailed letter or email) of your decision to cancel this Agreement. You may use the enclosed sample cancelation form to do so although it is not mandatory to use it.

      The cancelation notice period is deemed to be complied with if you dispatch the notice that you are exercising your right of cancelation prior to the expiry of the cancelation notice period.

      1. I’ve sent several emails, and have not gotten a response. I have been trying to cancel for weeks now, and get my money refunded.

  9. Hi im in the same boat. i got the page if your sure you want to cancel then phone blah blah…aye right! It said 14days with 300gb downloads just to find it was 10gb so i tried to cancel and was left to cancel them from paypal the next day now i get email from them saying oh your details are not verified as we tried to take money from your account blah blah.

    im getting worried too. i tried telling them on twitter but it will go on deaf ears. I didnt even install the client software the newsreader thing and dont know what to do. Got email charging me 90 euro and im in northern ireland

  10. i have the same issue, this is designed to trap people i have tried canceling with no luck and the service is useless we are paying for nothing and they will get away with it

  11. How can you cancel with paypal, i have just been charged 100 from them for a service i never used and thought i had cancelled but they didnt cancel it

  12. Im getting the same treatment. I already got a letter from them stating I owe money. I never used their service or received any equipment for service. I think they are a load of BS!

    1. Post
  13. My son downloaded your app for coins on a game. I have stage 4 stomach cancer. He came over on the weekend of 1/27/2017 . I don’t have the moneyfor this. I am on disability. Please cancel this order for mme. I just got this tablet and I am learning how to use it. Please help me cancel this order because I don’t know how to do it. I have enough to worry about with my health. My phone number is 1 (843) 835-3584. Thank you so much and have a blessed day. Audrey Abbott

  14. Can someone send me a link about how to cancel this plan, I started using this website with the free trial but I don’t like it at all, I just need cancel this

  15. Signed up for a free trial and cancelled straight away after reading this. Checked my bank and my free trial has cost me £2.61! Not a lot I know but certainly not free!! Had my bank cancel any further transaction so from them and will be calling them in the morning!!

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