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Quick Overview: CactusVPN is a good option if you need a VPN for file sharing, accessing websites blocked in your country – either by censorship or because of geo-limitations – and has a good, no-nonsense client that makes setup rather easy. Speeds are good to great, especially the server in the Netherlands gave us some of the best results we …

BTGuard Review – Security For Torrents

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Quick Overview: BTGuard is a service that was originally made to only anonymize torrent traffic, and it works reasonably good for that purpose. Pricing and speed is acceptable, although there are cheaper and faster services. If you don’t need a VPN to encrypt all your traffic, it might be a good choice. However when comparing it to other privacy services, …

Our Test Equipment

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When we test all kind of software, downloading methods, file sharing applications and, in particular, Usenet providers and VPNs, you should use good equipment to be sure you really get the maximum out of your connection. This is why, since May 2015, we test all services on a very strong system: Ladies and gentleman, we proudly present: The Aspire V …

VPNetmon Tutorial And Review – Does It Work Well?

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This little piece of free software is made as a replacement for the application killer feature some VPN providers include in their software. In case of an unexpected disconnect, it automatically closes any running program you like, for example a torrent client. When the connection is back up, it restarts the closed programs. Setup is not as easy as we’d …

VPNs With Port Forwarding

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Here is a list of VPNs with support for port forwarding, for maximum results in file sharing networks (BitTorrent, Soulseek…). Some are better, some require more sofisticated setup or have to be reconfigured every time you connect to the network. “IMPORTANT: Do NOT forward on your router the same ports you use on your listening services while connected to the …

How To Setup HideMyAss For Optimal File Sharing Anonymity

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To setup HideMyAss for maximum protection when sharing files, use the “IP binding”-feature to avoid any data leaks in case of an unexpected VPN disconnection, or if you accidentally forgot to connect before using your favorite p2p file sharing client. Simply follow these steps and you’re good to go: Step 1: Signup for the service and log into the members …

ibVPN: How To Setup The Software To Safely Use File Sharing

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ibVPN is a good service if you want to use P2P file sharing, but if you want to protect yourself against accidental disconnects, you really should use the build-in protection feature. Simply follow through the steps below. Step 1: Download and install the software. Step 2: Follow the instructions in these two videos. General setup: Secure torrent downloads:

ibVPN Review

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What we like: Yay, free test accounts! This provider allows you to test their services for 6 hours with no limitations, an offer you won’t find anywhere else. And at first glance they mostly look great: 32 server locations, all important encryption protocols supported, and a great software that makes setup a breeze. Made with file sharing in mind, it …

Private Internet Access Review

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What we like: Even though PIA is among the cheapest services around, they are one of the top players in the market. Very fast servers, every important encryption protocol supported so that almost any device available is compatible from computer to iPad, and an absolute no-logging policy making it virtually impossible for them to leak your identity to any third-party …