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Hello and welcome to The Load, your source for everything related to downloading and Internet privacy and freedom. We’re here to help you navigate through the world of file sharing, Usenet, torrents, and everything in between. Currently, the site is still under construction and thus, we are not yet the large, complete archive of up-to-date information, tutorials and reviews that we strive to become, but don’t let that stop you: There’s plenty of things to see!

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Other than your usual website, we want to go above and beyond, not merely writing about torrents and movie streams, but also all the other things that were once trends but are now forgotten. For example, did you know there are other file sharing networks than BitTorrent *gulp*, and some are still alive and well? Have you ever heard of Usenet, which is way faster than torrents and much safer, but almost as easy to use?

Here is our review of Soulseek, one of the best ways to download music!
(WARNING: It could be too fun to handle…)

Or want super-fast, easy downloads of almost everything you can imagine?
Then check out Usenet!
But beware: It could shock your friends.

But maybe you just want to download the newest and hottest stuff fast, but don’t want to use torrents because of fear for your privacy? You also don’t mind testing out something new and investing maybe 30 minutes of your precious time to master it? Then, XDCC might be what you’re looking for. What, never heard of it?

Check out our awesome XDCC beginners tutorial right now!

Or do you need help to surf and share files anonymously, without any fear of so-called “copyright notices” flooding your inbox, which are generated by automated bots and criminalize you even though you might have done nothing wrong?

Our “Law & Security”-section has what you need!

Recent Reviews:

Newshosting Review – Our Favorite Usenet Provider

Usenet is one of our favorite ways to download media online, and so we decided to put Newshosting, one of the leading providers, into our in-dept test. Read how it performed and get an exclusive discount of 33% if you decide to go for them, with our exclusive discount links.

IPVanish Review – The Fastest VPN Provider

If you’re serious about protecting your privacy online, a VPN service is the best way to go. IPVanish turned out to be a very fast service, but how about the other factors? Our review sheds light on all important points.

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  2. Tried looking at the portion of this sight that lists top torrent sights, won’t give me access with my password. Tried everything. Starting to just frustrate me. There is no link to reset. I looked up my old emails from when I signed up and none of the links are current. This sight is great when it’s easy to use. But not being able to access the information is a bummer.

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  3. Can anyone cancel this order. Please my son downloaded your app for coins. I didn’t know that he did this. I was in the hospital getting treatment of my stage 4 stomach cancer. And I come home to this. Please help me.

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